Rubberized AC Pumps

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image of a 300R Rubberized AC Pump
300 Pump Flow Rate Chart
300 Pump Power Chart


image of a 450R Rubberized AC Pump
450 Pump Flow Rate Chart
450 Pump Power Chart


image of a 600R Rubberized AC Pump
600 Pump Flow Rate Chart
600 Pump Power Chart

Features of our R series asphalt pumps include:

All of the same features as the V series pumps

But, they also include:

Hardened Severe Duty Roller Bearings.

The bearings not only increase the service life but also make the pump predictable, and therefore help avoid un-expected downtime.

image of hardened severl roller bearings

Add benefit of the Pulse Dampening Helical Gears.

Our gears are heat-treated for maximum abrasion resistance.

image of haet-treated helical gears


Our pump exchange program allows you to trade-in a completely wore-out pump for a factory-refurbished pump. Good as new at a fraction of the cost! Best of all, you can receive the refurbished pump before pulling you old pump off-line and thereby minimizing down time.